Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day...

Dearest John:
Please remember that Valentines Day is on Monday. A box of Girl Scout cookies from the pantry will not fly as my gift this year :) But if you would get a hair cut that might be the best V-Day gift I could get.
Love, Jennifer (posted on John's facebook page last week)

This Valentines Day was wonderful because A) I didn't get a box of Girl Scout cookies from our pantry and B) John did go get a haircut. How could I ask for anything more??
But all kidding aside, we really did have a great V-Day. We celebrated Saturday night by going to see a movie and then John surprised me with roses and an iphone adaptor for my car.
I think John is finally figuring out that I like corny holidays like V-Day and that my love language is gifts. And I think I am finally figuring out that John's love language is NOT gifts. He has told me many times not to get him anything and I just feel so bad if he doesn't have a gift to open. Well this year I finally took his advice. I just got him a card and I could tell he was perfectly happy with that.

John also bought this yummy chocolate/peanut butter dessert. It was so rich I could only eat a few bites.

Tomorrow I will be posting an update on our fundraising and revealing a couple of fun and easy ways you can help us! God has been so faithful and we are in awe of all He has done through this adoption process and how He is providing every penny we need to bring our babies home.

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