Adoption Timeline

Adoption Timeline

1.15.10 – Prayed for God’s perfect plan for our family

1.20.10 – God started stirring our hearts towards adoption during dinner with our small group

1.27.10 – Received a phone call that the funding was in place if we wanted to adopt

2.9.10 – Attended a Dillon International adoption meeting. Felt God clearly say “Ethiopia”

2.20.10 – Told John's family the news of our adoption

2.27.10 – Told Jennifer's parents the news

7. 17.10 – Found out that Gladney would accept our application before our 2-year wedding anniversary and after hearing a lot of good things about Gladney from other families we decided to use Gladney.

7.17.10 – Requested a Gladney Information Packet

7.28.10 - Found out that the funding we had for the adoption fell through. We would have to come up with about $25,000. Started fundraising by selling Africa shaped sugar cookies.

10.24.10 – Submitted the Gladney Information Sheet – request to adopt

10.26.10- Gladney contacted us to say we needed a letter from John’s doctor regarding his Crohn’s Disease

11.1.10 – Submitted doctor letter

11.4.10 – Gladney cleared us to continue the Ethiopian adoption process

11.17.10 – Phone orientation with Gladney

11.17.10 – Paid application fee and requested next application

11.18.10 – Received application and began the paper chase

12.03.10 – John’s Physical

12.09.10 – Jennifer’s Physical with Dr. Fletcher

12.11.10 – Mailed off Group A and B and most of Group C paperwork to Gladney. Waiting for home study to be scheduled.

12.31.10 – Mailed off Jennifer’s medical records to Gladney and Kate. All Gladney paperwork is complete except for homestudy.

1.12.11 – Homestudy!!!

1.13.11 – Called the FBI to check on our criminal clearance. It had been completed and should be mailed in the next day or so.

1.20.11 – Received our FBI Clearance

1.26.11 – Received the rough draft of our home study to review

2.11.11 – Final Home study mailed to Gladney.

2.23.11 - Gladney approved and I600A Submitted - The best birthday present EVER!!!

3.11.11 - Received our fingerprint appointments for March 28th

3.28.11 - John and I had our CIS Fingerprints

4.25.11 - We received our CIS Approval Letter - Wait List here we come....

4.29.11 - WAIT LISTED!!