Thursday, February 10, 2011


“If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.” Habakkuk 2:3

I totally stole this verse from Sarah’s blog post today and it was SO what I needed to read. When I went to look the verse up in my Bible so that I could highlight it, it already was. Beside the verse I had written:

“Habakkuk’s need for patience was so great the Lord prefaced His message with a reminder for him to not try to carry out God’s plan before its due season. I can relate with my desire to be a mom.”

I added a new note today under the one that was already there. I simply wrote “adoption.”

For the most part I don’t think much about the time frame of our adoption. Most days I have a lot of peace and know that everything is going to happen when it’s supposed to. But then there are days when it seems like we will never board that plane for Ethiopia. Just last night John was saying how he could go to Ethiopia right now.

This morning I was feeling a little anxious about the timeline for our adoption. I hope we are on the wait list by April. We are still waiting on the finalized copy of our home study. Once we get copies of it we can finally submit our I600A and get our fingerprint appointment. Those are the last steps we need to take before being put on the wait list and I am biting at the bit to get them done.

I e-mailed our social worker today and she said that she will be mailing the final copies of our home study to Gladney today or tomorrow. We are getting closer, but I am constantly reminded that there is very little about this adoption process that is in my control.

I was reassured and encouraged by the verse in Habakkuk because although I don’t know when we will actually meet our babies, I do know that it will happen. “It will not be delayed,” which means it will happen exactly when God wants it to happen. He is busy working out all the details while I wait on our home study.


  1. Wow, your blog is beautiful! I think the act of adoption is one of the most amazing creations. God bless you in your journeys :)

  2. I know it won't help, but I remember these feelings too. I couldn't get to my son fast enough.