Friday, July 27, 2012

New Blog...

Hi Bloggy Friends:

One thing I learned at SheSpeaks last weekend was that I needed to switch my blog over to WordPress and get a tad bit more professional as I begin working towards getting my book published.

So, that being said I am now blogging here. I have made the switch, although my blog doesn't look pretty yet! I was getting so caught up in not having the new blog designed when God whispered to my heart, "Launch the new site. It's about the writing, not about what it looks like."

So you can now follow me at

I will be blogging about faith, family, adoption, and orphan care. It will also be the place to get updates on my book and the publishing process. Oh yea, and it will be where John and I share the details of our next adoption - when the time comes!

 I will be leaving this blog up a while longer, but it will eventually be deleted. So please join me on this new adventure over at my new site.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Publisher Appointments

When I signed up to go to SheSpeaks I was given the opportunity to meet with publishers. I checked the box not realizing all the work that would be involved as I prepared for those intimidating publisher appointments. Satan began to have a ball as he tried to plant doubts in my mind. What was I thinking, meeting with four of the biggest Christian publishers?

I spent about a month working on my book proposal and One Sheet. There is so much detail involved in a book proposal! Two of the editors from my newspaper days looked over the proposal and gave me feedback. It helped that one of them had published a book. I was so grateful for their help,  because I seriously stink when it comes to commas! Twenty-eight pages later, my proposal was finished, my bags were packed and I was on a plane to North Carolina.  

During one of the first sessions I attended at SheSpeaks, blogger/author Emily Freeman said,

 "A writer trusts her instincts. She writes what makes her come alive, not what she thinks will sell. Trust what you want! Not what people say will work. Write it anyway!"

All four of my publisher appointments were on Saturday. I was nervous but I prayed that God would speak through me and that He would be glorified through our story. Here's a breakdown of how things went:

1st Appointment: The editor was a bit intimidating, but God gave me peace and I shared our story with passion. She listened but didn't seem completely impressed. She wanted to know why someone would care to know the details of my story (after all, I am nobody famous) and suggested I write my book not as a memoir, but as a How To type book. I just smiled and thanked her for the feedback. She did tell me that my writing was strong and solid. Folks, that compliment was just as good as a book deal for this girl! Anyway...she asked to keep my proposal in case anything were to come across their publishing office that I might be able to help with. Not really sure what that means, but I will take it as kind of a good thing! Oh, yea...she also said I needed a bigger platform!

As I left that first appointment, I could have felt very defeated! But I remembered what Emily had said in the session about trusting my instincts and writing what makes me come alive. I know in my heart that God is asking me to write our story (even though I'm not famous!). He's asking me to be transparent and real and raw - all to bring hope and encouragement to others facing the challenges of infertility and adoption. That's what He was asking me to do and He would make a way for it to happen.

2nd Appointment: I wasn't nervous at all. I went in and shared my story and the editor did seem to like the idea but didn't think the title was going to work. She said people would have a hard time searching Bringing Home the Missing Linck since our name is spelled the way it is. She complimented me on my writing and asked if I had considered getting a literary agent. She asked to keep my proposal and that was pretty much that.....
Oh, yea...she also said I needed a bigger platform! (see a trend yet??)

3rd Appointment: This is the one I was the most nervous about! I was meeting with a LARGE publisher who produces books for very famous people. No pressure or anything! It's funny that I was the most nervous about this appointment and it seemed to be one of my best meetings. From the moment I began to share our story, I could tell the editor was intrigued. She immediately told me that she thinks there is a need for a book like mine and she asked a lot of questions. Just one little problem...I need a bigger platform!
She said had my platform been bigger, she would have agreed to publish my book! She said I had great writing and a great story. She asked me to work on building my platform and when I have one to email her. She did keep my proposal!

4th Appointment: This was a last minute, extra appointment that I found out about a few days before the conference and I am so glad I agreed to meet with them. The editor asked a lot of questions and really seemed interested in my story. She also asked how quickly I could have the book complete. The one thing she didn't ask platform! She told me to keep doing what I am doing but didn't seem as concerned about my lack of platform as the other publishers. She asked me to email her my proposal and said I would be hearing something from them within about six months.

So there you have it! The appointments went better than I could have expected and I learned a lot in the process. Now it's a sit around and wait to see if I hear back from any of them. Oh, yea, and build my platform!

****I had so many amazing people praying for me as I worked on my proposal and met with these publishers! Thank YOU! Your prayers were felt!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fulfilled Purposes

Now that you know you have a God-Sized Dream, what do you do next? It can be overwhelming! I got home from SheSpeaks late Sunday night and was on a crazy high! I had a list of goals and was ready to tackle them.
Then reality smacked me in the face. You know...dirty diapers, piles of laundry, grocery shopping....

Don't get me wrong, I love my reality, but I started to get overwhelmed. How am I going to balance being the best mother and wife I can be AND use my writing to glorify God?

I need to write every day, I need to expand my platform, I need to blog AND work on finishing my book, I need to update my Facebook page, I need to transfer my blog to Wordpress, I need a new blog design. Oh. My. Goodness. I am tired just typing it!

Last night I got in bed, opened my Bible and God gave me a promise.

"I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills His purpose for me."
~ Psalm 57:2

Then another promise in Psalm 138:8 "The Lord will fulfill His purposes for me."

Then my phone rang. A dear friend called because she wanted to encourage me. She sensed the Lord doing something amazing through my blog, through my writing and she thought I needed to know. She shared how a loved one had read my blog and was touched by what he read. I cried. God affirmed in my heart again that I am to be writing for His glory!

That's what God-Sized dreams are all about. They are for His glory, not ours. And if your God-Sized dream makes a difference in just one person's life then God has fulfilled His purpose.

At SheSpeaks, many of the publishers told me I needed to focus on expanding my platform. More Facebook followers, more people viewing my blog each month, opportunities to speak and share our story. Publishers wanted a platform - the bigger the better, but each session I attended was focused on something different. It wasn't a big platform. It wasn't about thousands and thousands of Facebook followers. It was using your writing to make a difference in the life of ONE person!

Today I am linking up over at Women Living Well and I love what Courtney shared during one of her sessions. She said, "Just be faithful to use your writing to glorify the Lord. His Word will not return void."

So be faithful sweet friend! Hold on to God's promise to fulfill His purpose in your life and remember that if you touch just ONE person, you have made a difference in His Kingdom!

*** For more encouragment, check out Courtney's blog Women Living Well.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You Want Me To Do What, God??

"God-sized dreams aren't easy. It's about who we become in the process,
 not how we get there."
~ Holley Gerth

Do you have a God-sized dream? You know, something that you know 100% that God is asking you to do, but you're scared silly. A dream that your tiny little human mind can't even grasp?

I've had or have a few of my own God-sized dreams....attending the University of Oklahoma, adopting a child, writing a book, going to Ethiopia, being an advocate for adoption and orphan care.

One of the God-sized dreams that I had for many years was to attend the SheSpeaks Conference in North Carolina. Seriously, I have dreamed of going for YEARS! Then, this spring, after I quit my job to stay home with Jackson, God made it pretty clear that this was the year I needed to attend. What??

I had just quit my job. The conference wasn't exactly cheap and even though I had watched God provide every penny for our adoption, I questioned how I could afford it. I'm sure God just shakes his head at my lack of faith.

I knew I had to go because I have another God-sized dream - writing a book about our adoption journey. SheSpeaks would be an amazing opportunity to learn more about publishing, meet with publishers, and invest in my writing.

John and I decided to tap into our savings account to pay for the conference, looking at it as an investment. I felt God nudging me to ask my Dad to help with my plane ticket. But truth be told, I was kind of hesitant to ask. I HATE asking my parents for money. But I swallowed my pride, called my dad, and spilled my guts about my dream of going to this conference and the opportunities that awaited me. Guess what, my Dad covered my plane ticket!

I spent several months working like crazy on my book proposal and praying for God to prepare my heart for all that He would do at the conference. I boarded a plane for North Carolina last Thursday and from the moment I stepped off the plane, God blew my mind.

I met amazing women. You would think that a group of 650 women, who are all speakers and writers, would be a bit competitive. Not. At. All. I have never experienced so much encouragement. On top of my brain being overloaded with information, life-long friendships were made.

I had the opportunity to meet with four of the biggest Christian publishers in the publishing world. This. Is. Huge. These publishers don't normally accept proposals unless you have an agent, but it was one of the many perks for writers at the conference. (I will write more about my publisher appointments later this week! They deserve a blog post of their own!)

I was filled to overflowing spiritually. Let's just say that my Bible reading and prayer time had been almost non-existent these past 7 months. Being a new mommy has many challenges and finding time to sit at the feet of Jesus is one of those challenges. I gained valuable resources for my writing during the conference, but more than anything God filled me up! He affirmed that I'm supposed to be writing this book. He kept His promise - I drew near to Him and He drew near to me.

It didn't dawn on me until the conference was in full swing, that God had fulfilled one of my God-sized dreams by allowing me the opportunity to attend SheSpeaks. It was a reminder that He will fulfill the other dreams He's placed on my heart in his perfect time.

What are your God-sized dreams? What's keeping you from fulfilling them? Praying you step out in faith and believe the One who has placed that dream on your heart! "Anything is possible for him who believes..." (Mark 9:23).

Monday, July 23, 2012

Welcome Home Mommy!

I was only gone for four days, but I feel like Jackson has changed SO much. He looks more like a little boy than a baby! I'm spending the day soaking in his cuddles and his baby ramblings. And I don't even mind getting sprayed by his spit bubbles. I look at him and see God's faithfulness. Because of Jackson, I have learned to love more like Jesus! He has changed my whole world!

I can't wait to share details of the SheSpeaks Conference with you. There's so much to share that it will take several blog posts. I am still soaking it all in. God was present. He did amazing things in my heart and affirmed that I am supposed to be writing, I am supposed to share our story, I am supposed to advocate for adoption and orphan care!

After all, adoption is a beautiful picture of God's love for us!

"He predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance to his pleasure and will."
~ Ephesians 1:5

Friday, July 20, 2012

She Speaks!

My brain might bust from all that I've learned today at the SheSpeaks conference. Not to mention I might cry at how awesome God is and all He's already revealed to me through this experience. I prayed for a heart ready for all He had for me and I am overwhelmed by his faithfulness and how He has answered that prayer. Friendships have been made and the spiritual recharge I so desperately needed is in full swing ( I don't exactly have the time to read my Bible and pray the way I did 7 months ago).

I have met the most amazing ladies! I'll be introducing some of them to you on my blog next week. They are writers, speakers and just downright passionate about the Lord! They have so much to offer...I can't wait for you to meet them!

There's so much I want to share, but I promised myself I would go to bed at a decent time tonight. Today has been a whirlwind and tomorrow I meet with four of the biggest Christian book publishers. It dawned on me today just how big this opportunity is! I'm a little intimidated to be meeting with one of the biggest Bible publishers EVER!

Tomorrow I'll also have the opportunity to hear Tom Davis speak. He's written popular books like "Fields of the Fatherless" and "Red Letters" and is passionate about Orphan Care and adoption. Maybe he'll want to endorse my book ;-)

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

7 Months!!!!

Happy 7 Month Birthday Little Man! You are getting so big and doing so many new things every day! I can't believe 7 months have already flown bring so much joy to my heart! I love you!! I think I better start planning that 1st Birthday Party! It will be here in the blink of an eye!

This Month You....

  • You began to smile and giggle when we played peek-a-boo
  • You had your first taste of homemade ice cream and sucker
  • You went to the lake and took your first boat ride with Missy and Dude
  • You tried juice (but it makes your stomach hurt!)
  • You can sit up like a big boy, although you prefer to be on your tummy so you can scoot around and roll wherever you want to go.
  • You babble and chatter A LOT! You said Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, for the first time! Melt my heart! Although I know you don't know what it means yet.
  • You love to go swimming with Harmonee
  • You like to play in your exasaucer and discover all the new toys
  • You stayed with Justin and Jessica so mommy and daddy could go see a movie.
  • Your 1st Fourth of July!
  • You got a Big Boy car seat
  • You love playing with and feeling the water from the spray nozzle in the bathtub
  • You can stand up with help from mommy and daddy
  • You love to listen to your Pete the Cat books on the iPad
  • You learned how to turn your music on and off on the toy in your crib