Friday, February 25, 2011

$1,300 In Two Weeks for the Ellis'

Our friends Clint and Kathleen have been Gladney approved and are very close to submitting their Dossier. There's just one tiny glitch...they need to raise $1300 in about two weeks so that they can stay on track and continue the journey to bring their baby girl home.
The thing I like about the adoption community is that we are a team. We pray for each other, encourage each other and participate in each other's fundraisers. Who cares if we're all trying to raise a huge sum of money for our babies. If one of the couples needs help, you can bet the other couples are there to buy t-shirts, make a donation or spread the word on their blogs.
I am asking my blog readers, family and friends to consider making a donation to Clint and Kathleen's adoption fund. If they don't come up with the $1300 they need, it's going to put their adoption on hold and we just can't have that happen. There's a baby girl in need of a Forever Family and I know Kathleen's arms are aching to by a mommy.
From the bottom of my heart I believe that God calls ALL of us to take care of the orphan. That doesn't mean we're all supposed to adopt but we can ALL do something. Even if it's just giving $10. Every $10 donation adds up and before you know it you have $1,000.
I know without a doubt that God is going to provide the $1300 that the Ellis' need. He has made it very clear that they are supposed to be adopting from Ethiopia and when He calls us to something He ALWAYS makes a way.
Kathleen is an AMAZING seamstress. She creates the greatest things. I have bought a makeup bag, key chains and a baby blanket from her. She also made me the cutest Africa shirt for my birthday. ALL the proceeds from her Etsy shop go to benefit their adoption. Would you consider buying something from her shop??
Here are a few photos of the neat things that she has made. She is SUPER talented....

 Cute baby blanket and tote bag...she can customize anything and she has a ton of fabric that you can pick from. Let your imagination run wild!

 She makes cute little onsies and t-shirts for kiddos.

I will have to buy one of her b-day shirts for our kiddos when we bring them home. She also makes these great key chains. I have several of them and just love them!
Place your orders now at Kathleen's Etsy shop. We want her sewing like crazy and raising the money she needs to bring home her precious little girl. If you are interested in making a donation to the Ellis' adoption fund please check out their blog here.

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  1. You are a wonderful friend. Thank you for taking the time and caring so much about us to blog for us!
    I'm headed to my blog now to "get real" with my 10 readers! haha.
    Love ya!!!