Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How the Story of Jesus Feeding the 5,000 Relates to Me....

After reading Erica's blog on Monday, I was drawn to Luke 9 and the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000.
I've read this section of scripture many times but it spoke to me in a whole new way this week.
When a huge crowd had gathered around Jesus, His disciples wanted to send them away to a nearby town to find food. But Jesus told His disciples that they should be the ones to give the 5,000 something to eat.
His disciples replied, "We have only 5 loaves of bread and two fish - unless we go and buy food for this crowd."
After reading Jesus' command to His disciples and their response, it got me thinking about a very similar situation in my life.
God said, " Jennifer, adopt a baby from Ethiopia."
My first response was "How in the world will be ever be able to afford it?"
Just as Jesus fed the 5,000, He has provided $17,775 for our adoption.
Luke 9:17 says, "they all ate and were satisfied and the disciples picked up 12 basketful's of broken bread pieces that were left over."
Today I was reminded once again of how the Lord provides in ways that we never could.
John and I, along with the Habuda's and the Ellis' have wanted to have a dinner/silent auction to help raise money for our adoptions. We have been having a hard time finding a place to hold the event and were starting to get frustrated - then God did something cool and unexpected.
Three weeks ago Matt and Sarah went to church with John and I and we met a new couple who had only visited a few times. We began to chat with Mike and Krista and learned that Mike was a police officer in Moore.
I randomly asked him if he knew of anywhere that we could have a dinner/silent auction to benefit our adoptions. He said he might know of a place and took my contact information. I was very surprised to get a text message from Mike a few days later with the name of one of his friends who is a youth pastor at a local church. He told me to contact his friend because he thought it would be fine for us to use their church for our event.
Well, I talked to the youth pastor yesterday and we are all set to have our event at the church in April. The best news....we get to use the space free of charge! The youth pastor told me that the reason he was letting us have our event there was because he was adopted and totally supported what we are doing. Only God can work out such an amazing plan like that!
We are all so excited about the event and we will have more details coming soon. We are looking for items that can be used in our silent auction, so if you know of anyone who might want to donate an item we would be so grateful!
We believe it's going to be a fun night of food, live music and fellowship to help our families bring our babies home.
Hope to see you all there!!!

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  1. I love how He blesses us and provides in ways we wouldn't have guessed. SO excited!