Friday, February 25, 2011

Gladney Approved!

We got our Gladney Approved Certificate in the mail yesterday and our official finalized homestudy. The certificate is always going to be special to me because the date listed on it is February 23, 2011. My 29th Birthday! Only God. His timing is perfect!
 John loves all the photos I have to take to document this journey!
 Happy Birthday to me, we're Gladney approved!
The official certificate....

I also heard from Kate yesterday who has been working on our Dossier. We only need two more documents and it will be complete. I am going to have our financial statement notarized this weekend and then the only other piece of paper we will need will be the CIS Approval Letter. 

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  1. What a GREAT birthday present!! Couldn't be more happy for you and your husband!