Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taking a Cookie Break....

Since we started the Africa cookie fundraiser, we have sold 75 dozen cookies! If that's not evidence of a faithful God I don't know what is. The cookie fundraiser has been a HUGE success, but also a bit overwhelming. I can honestly say there have been some tears involved while baking 900+ cookies! To say that I am "cookied" out is an understatement. So, with that being said, we are taking a break from cookie baking. I still have about 6 dozen cookies to make next week and then I will be caught up on orders.
If you didn't get a chance to order cookies, we will probably take orders again in a few months. We are switching fundraising gears from cookies to golfers! For the next two months we will be focusing on the golf tournament we are hosting with Able Ministries. The "Birdies for Babies Golf Tournament" will be October 23rd and we need 60 players for the tournament. If you are interested in playing please e-mail

If golf isn't your thing, have no fear!! We will be revealing another fundraiser on the blog next week. Hint: It will be a great way for people who live outside of Oklahoma to help us bring home the "Missing Linck" I know it was kind of difficult for our family and friends in Texas and St. Louis to get their hands on Africa cookies. So stay tuned...the new fundraiser will be announced in just a few days and it's super can participate just by visiting the blog.

A BIG Thank You to everyone who ordered cookies!!!!!

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