Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Before Adoption Was Ever On My Heart....

In 2003, while working as a reporter for the Oklahoman, I wrote these words.

“Laura Baker knows the heartache of being unable to conceive a child – and the joy of parenthood.”

When I wrote those words I couldn’t fathom the emotions and heartache of infertility. I never dreamed that I would one day be standing in Laura’s shoes. I figured I would get married, wait a few years and start having babies. But eight years later I have experienced every gut wrenching emotion that plaques women who can’t conceive – sadness, depression, heartache, emptiness. But I have also felt joy knowing that God has children for me. I am already a mother in my heart.

What if I was assigned the story about Laura Baker’s adoption today? Would I write it completely different? Would it be choked full of emotion? Would I spend a little more time focusing on the pain that accompanies infertility? Would I ask her how other people reacted to the news of their adoption? Especially adopting a child of a different race?

I probably would have. I would have taken a little more time to dig a little deeper and try to better understand the pain and the joy that she experienced throughout her adoption process.

I think it’s pretty amazing how God works. Back then I had no idea that I would be infertile, that John and I would be adopting from Ethiopia or that we would be using the SAME adoption agency that Laura Baker used to adopt her son. I think God was preparing my heart for His plan way back then.

I was fortunate enough to get to know Laura and her two children (both were adopted). I see how God used that story to plant a small seed into my heart and prepare me for my own adoption journey. Being around Laura and her family, I learned that adopted children are no different than biological children. They are “your own” kids. I witnessed the joy of parenthood that I will soon experience once my babies are in my arms.


  1. What an interesting thought! I'll bet the story would be different--coming from a place of more experience and knowledge of the highs and lows of infertility/adoption.

  2. Love this. And Laura Baker is in my small group at church :)