Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas to Our Missing Linck

I decided a few weeks ago that our baby needed a stocking. During Christmas, I wanted to have a few reminders of the baby that will be joining our family in the next 12-18 months.....a reminder of the beautiful gift that God is going to bless us with, a reminder to pray for our baby and its birth mother, a reminder to remember the true meaning of Christmas - a baby named Jesus.
By the following photos you can probably tell that we already love this baby and its going to be spoiled.....
 My mother-in-law sent me this ornament. I guess you could say we are "expecting" - it's just going to take a little longer than 9 months to "have" this baby....
 Sweet stocking for our baby from Africa. I thought the elephant and giraffe were perfect. Since we don't know if we will have a boy or a girl, I just decided to add the verse that we have clung to during this process. We have prayed and prayed for this child and we know that God is going to grant our request. We will add in the name after we have the baby home.
Last year after Christmas I splurged and bought this children's nativity set, in hopes that we would get pregnant in 2010. God had other plans but I can't wait for our Ethiopia baby to slobber on and play with will be a great way to share the story of Jesus' birth with him/her....

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  1. So cute! It's great to have reminders of your little one. Even though your child probably isn't born yet, he/she probably is in the womb! So exciting to pray for your child during pregnancy, and for his or her birthmother. I'm always praying for child #2 - that someone has loved him or her today, that they're healthy and laughed today. Never too soon to pray for our babies!

    We have that same nativity and Eli LOVES it. He was so excited when I got it out this year - he remembered it from last year! Your child will be slobbering all over it soon! :)