Thursday, December 23, 2010

Highs and Lows of 2010....

This is my friend Anna.

She lost her battle with cancer three years ago but she taught me so much about Jesus, about faith, about hope. One of my favorite things to do with Anna and her family was to play the High Low game before we ate dinner. Each person had to tell a “high” from their day and a “low” from their day. Last year I made a list of my High’s and Low’s of 2009 and I decided to do the same thing for 2010. I have definitely faced both this year, but the highs far outweigh the lows. Here’s my list for 2010….


The way God has changed me, a deeper more intimate relationship with God, We’re adopting a baby!!! The amazing friends we have made on this adoption journey, I have started writing my book about our adoption journey, my sister graduated from nursing school and overcame one of the most difficult years with such grace, Summit Church, taking John’s mom to see Beth Moore, God’s provision for this adoption – he has provided more than $16,500 in just 5 months, John passed his board certification test, Women’s Bible Study, hosting Thanksgiving at our house, celebrating Christmas differently this year……


Infertility, PCOS, too many doctors appointments, Micah passing away – He loved Jesus and he taught me an amazing lesson about the importance of clinging to God’s word, not getting to work with the kids at the hospital every day like I used to…..

What are your highs and lows of 2010?? Even though I have faced some very low times this year, I am thankful for them. It's because of those times that I have grown closer to God. The hard times have changed me to become a little more like Jesus. God has always met me exactly where I have needed Him too, even if it has been in a deep, dark pit. Because of my Savior I always have hope. I believe that the lows of 2010 have an eternal purpose.

John and I pray that each and every one of you will experience God's amazing love, peace and joy this Christmas season. That even in the midst of your lows you will see God's purposes and feel his presence.

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