Monday, November 7, 2011

Spreading Awareness - Orphan Sunday 2011

Our church hosted Orphan Sunday yesterday and it turned out to be an amazing event - especially since it was the first time our church has participated.
We had several ways for members of our church to get involved with Orphan Care. We had a Compassion International Booth and had all but 2 of our children sponsored and many more people said they were going to go online and sponsor kids.
We also had a representative from the 111 Project, which is an organization who is recruiting one family from 111 churches in Oklahoma to become foster families.
We had a rep from DHS, Deaconess Adoption Agency and also had information from Gladney on international adoption.
John and I got to share the incredible story that God is writing through our adoption journeys and even had a couple (from our small group!!!) tell us they want to adopt! Woo hoo!
I can't wait to see what else God does through the people at Summit Church. I know that a lot of seeds were planted on Sunday.
During the service, God reminded me how much He loves the orphan and reignited the spark I have for orphan care and adoption. I walked away with a goal for myself:
To make sure the Mission (the homeless shelter where I work) has access to adoption resources in case there is ever another women or girl who wants to put their child up for adoption. When our birth mother told a staff worker her desire to find a family for her baby, we didn't have adequate resources for her. God made a way and took care of all the details, but I want to make sure that we have a plan in place for the future.
I spoke with Deaconess yesterday and the executive director said they would love to partner with us and provide counseling and adoption services free to our clients AND staff training on how to handle situations where a mother wants to place her child for adoption. Glory!
Here are a few photos from our event:

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