Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2500 Food Boxes

A big part of my job at the Mission is to coordinate our holiday events. Today we had a BIG one. We handed out 2500 Thanksgiving food boxes to the near homeless in our community. The holidays can be very stressful at work - there is a lot going on - but today it was ALL worth it! Getting to hand out these boxes was such a blessing and a lot of fun - even though it was a bit cold! I really do LOVE my job! Here are a few photos from today:

 This is my coworker Justin. We work together to make sure all of the holiday events happen!
Loading food boxes

 Handing out food boxes and wishing people a Happy Thanksgiving!

 Canned ham anyone???
 Cars were bumper to bumper around the block waiting to get their food box

 So these cute things weren't helping with food boxes, but I couldn't resist snapping their photo! They make my heart so happy! Love them!
 Just a few of the 2500 boxes...
 My friend and coworker Abby...love her!
 I seriously work with the greatest people....
 The OKC Barons Hockey Team came out to help hand out food boxes

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