Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I almost forgot....

Today marks 7 months on the Ethiopia Wait List....between work, the holidays, Jackson's upcoming arrival, it just slipped my mind.

It's not that I don't think of our Ethiopian adoption. My heart yearns to go to Ethiopia NOW. I have fallen in love with a country that I have never stepped foot in. I can't imagine our family without Ethiopian children. My heart hurts when I let my mind wonder to that place of uncertainty - what if we wait and wait and wait and never get on the plane to get our babies in Africa. It's international adoption. You just never know what's going to happen. Our agency has handed out a few referrals the past week or so, so that gives us hope. International adoption (all adoption) is a roller coaster of emotions. One day there's good news. One day there's slow downs. It's up and down, high and low.
I am feeling a hodge podge of those emotions this week as we wait on the call from our birth mom. The call that she is on the way to the hospital. I make sure the ringer on my phone is turned up at night so that I don't miss the call.
I am feeling excited, anxious, nervous, scared...sometimes like this really isn't about to happen. It's weird really. At the drop of a hat it feels like I could burst out in tears.
I usually have adequate words to describe how I'm feeling on any given point of this adoption journey - right now I really don't.
Prayers are greatly appreciated as we wait for the call. For John and I, for baby Jackson and for our birth mom. For all the details to fall in place when we head to the hospital and bring our little man home.  And for the knots in my stomach to go away :-)

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