Monday, November 28, 2011

Meet The Carmona's

I just love how God works! During our Orphan Sunday event, a couple from our small group, Carlos and Stacy, asked a lot of questions about adoption. They said God had been tugging on their heart for a while to expand their family through adoption. They have a 10-year-old son named Austin, but Stacy isn't able to have any more biological children.
John and I went to dinner with our friends last week and got to answer all their adoption related questions and share our adoption journey. We got to encourage them and we're getting to pray for them as they step out in faith and trust God on this journey He has called them to.
I am SO excited that the Carmona's are officially starting the adoption process. They have decided to adopt domestically and they are gearing up to start all the paperwork, as well as, some fundraising!
Will you join me in praying for this awesome family? Will you consider donating to their adoption fund?
For the entire month of December, any donations made through our blog will benefit the Carmona's. They don't have a blog yet, so let's bless the socks out of them and raise a little money! What better gift can you give than a donation to help bring a family together. Any amount will help. $1 or $10 or $ all adds up! God will provide the resources for this family - no doubt!

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  1. I am laughing right now because of this small world! I know Carlos! He was one of my best friend's roommates at OU! So funny. Love it. :)