Friday, August 19, 2011

He is Our Source

"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." ~Philippians 4:19

This morning during our daily devotion at work, I was reminded that God is our source for ALL things! I started thinking about several families that we know who are in the depths of the wait for their children. I thought about John and I. Through this adoption journey, God really has been our source for ALL things. He has provided the money, the strength and the patience as we continue to count each month that goes by. Most of all He has been my source of peace - in the midst of so much uncertainty, there has always been peace - only God.
This morning a few specific families crossed my mind. Families who are depending on God to be their source for ALL things as they wait to be united with their children. I wanted to share a few of their stories and ask that you pray for them.
The Winter's have been waiting to bring home their 2nd Ethiopian babe for more than 15 months now. According to our agencies estimated wait time, they are SO close to receiving a referral, but it has yet to come. Will you please pray that God would be their source of peace, of patience and that they will see the face of their child SOON?

The Ellis' just found out they are #7 on the wait list for 2 kiddos from the Congo! Kathleen is BOLDLY praying that they receive their referral next month! She is also trusting God to be her source for the $6,000 they need to accept the referral when they get it. Will you join me in praying this "Sun Stand Still" prayer for Kathleen and Clint? God can do anything you know...

The Morris' have seen their daughter's face. They're just waiting to bring her home. Will you pray that they get the call to travel to the Congo and can hold their daughter soon?

The Habuda's are waiting for the phone to ring, to get the call that they have a son or daughter waiting for them in Taiwan. All they can do is wait, to trust and to remember that God is their source for everything. Pray they see the face of their child soon....

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  1. Thank you for that friend! I am placing it ALL at His feet!
    Thank you for being so wonderful!