Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday John!

Happy Birthday to my awesome hubby John! Today is his actual birthday but we celebrated this weekend on our trip to St. Louis. We had a blast with his family and my sister and her fiance. Here are a few birthday and St. Louis photos.....
 Myka and Paul's First Trip to St. Louis
 Sisters :)
 John sporting his new Cardinal's shirt - one of his presents!
 Take me out to the ball game to the all you can eat seats!
 Myka, Paul, Scott and Adrienne - Paul always has to make a funny face.
 Taking Myka and Paul for a boat ride on the Mississippi
 Awesome Saturday afternoon at the river
 Soakin up the sunshine
 The guys really bonded - John, Scott, Paul and John
 Adrienne, John and Karen
 Opening his Nook - His nose will forever be stuck in a book!
 New shirt to wear in our golf tournament in October
 He may be 32 but he's still a kid at heart - and he never gets tired of Transformers
Happy Birthday John!!!

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