Thursday, August 4, 2011

God Keeps Providing...

This week I had to bake 2 dozen red velvet cupcakes for a girl who I work with almost on a daily basis - I haven't known her long, but she wanted to order cupcakes to support our adoption. I know she has a heart for Africa because she has been there for Mission trips.
I spent Tuesday night making my ALL TIME favorite cupcake! My G-Mom's red velvet with butter sugar frosting. Every time I take a bite of one, (like I'm going to do after finishing this post) it's a little piece of heaven! I had so much fun baking up these cupcakes and packaging them in my new PINK baking boxes! I was feeling super duper professional. I was also feeling very blessed that God has allowed my little baking business to take off - I've already had several orders and more seem to be trickling in. I am glad I get to do something I love to help raise money for our adoption. Here are a few photos from Tuesday:

My husband would be the first to tell you that I am not an organized baker. I am actually pretty messy. I don't wash dishes as I go - I just have a huge pile staring at me when I am done and I usually beg and plead for John to do them because that's the worst thing about baking - the clean up!
 I got these cute cupcake wrappers that are reversible - black and red - to use for the cupcake cake I'm making for my sister's wedding in November. I got 250 of each wrapper for like $25 bucks. I was able to package the red velvet cupcakes up really cute!
Here's my pink baking boxes. I just printed off my logo and attached it to the box! I was so excited for the cupcakes to be packaged in style....
Ready for delivery!

So I went to deliver these cupcakes on Wednesday and the girl that ordered them blessed my socks off! She told me that God had laid it on her heart, to give her tithe to our adoption fund for a while. Can you believe that? I was in awe of her generosity and her obedience to what God was asking her to do. Once again, God continues to surprise me with the ways He is providing for our adoption. We are SO close to being fully funded!


  1. That's just amazing! What a blessing!

  2. That just made me want to cry! So sweet.