Sunday, May 13, 2012

What A Difference A Year Makes

Last Mother's Day was full of sadness and heartache. I ached to be a mother. Church was so emotional. I sobbed through the baby dedication and Mother's Day video. I remember telling myself that I NEVER wanted to forget the ache in my heart and the pain of not having a child. Even when I was wiping snotty noses and dirty bottoms, I wanted to remember just how much it hurt to have empty arms.Last year several people at church prayed for me and believed that this year I would be blessed with a bundle of joy! What a difference a year makes. This year, Mother's Day is all about this sweet face! I love this Little Man something fierce!

God heard the cries of my heart and answered my prayer for children. Today I didn't just celebrate my first Mother's Day, but John and I dedicated Jackson at church! What a special day! Our preacher asked all the mommies to stand, as well as, all those yearning to be mother's and he prayed for us. I remember standing two year's ago, when I was one of those who wanted nothing more than to have a child. I am so glad he included all those wanting to be mother's. Mother's Day can down-right suck for those who can't have children, have lost children or have lost mother's.

John and I were thankful that we got to celebrate with both of our mom's! All of our family came in to celebrate Mother's Day, Jackson's Dedication and the finalization of his adoption. I am thankful that I got to celebrate with my mom! She has had a rough few months, but she is a cancer survivor and one tough cookie!

Here are a few photos from our weekend of celebration....

 John, Jackson and I with our moms/grandmothers. Jackson made special footprint butterflies for his Lolli and Missy
 Me and My Mom....
 John and his mom
 John and I with Jackson before he was dedicated at church.
 We had SO much to celebrate this weekend. Mainly this sweet boy! Love him!
 Mommy, Daddy and Jackson
 Pop, Lolli and Jackson
 Justin and the Little Burrito
 Missy, Dude, Aunt Adrienne and Jackson
Our families (minus Jackson's Auntie M) celebrating!!!

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