Sunday, May 20, 2012

Celebrating Kicking Cancer's Butt

This weekend Jackson and I went to Texas to celebrate and cheer my mom (his Lolli) on as she walked the Survivor Lap at Relay for Life. Her life changed drastically last October when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but after a double mastectomy and chemo, she has kicked cancer's butt! My mom is seriously the strongest person I know. She has been through hell, yet I've never heard her complain. Two weeks after her surgery, she made the 4 hour trip to my baby shower. She was at the hospital for Jackson's birth and stayed with us a few days just a month and a half after surgery. She mowed the yard after a chemo treatment and if you didn't watch her closely she would try to mop the floor and do laundry when she wasn't supposed to. Not to mention, she couldn't keep her hands off Jackson, although she wasn't supposed to lift him! She is one tough cookie, well actually, she's just STUBBORN! :)

Here are photos from Relay for Life! It was a great night and our family has so many reasons to celebrate! I don't believe that God gave my mom cancer, but I do know that He will use this for his Glory! It's only because of Him that my mom was able to walk Friday night and be called a survivor!

 Mom walking her Survivor Lap!
 Me, Autry, My Sister Myka and Jackson ready to walk for Mom
 The second lap was for Survivor's and their caregivers. My dad walked with my mom and two special girls also joined them. My mom kept Autry and Kirsten from the time they were babies until they were old enough to go to school. Sweet!
 We fight because we believe in Miracles and my mom is proof! Me, Myka and Jackson wearing our Relay shirts!
 Jackson and his Lolli - I absolutely love this photo!
 One of several luminary bags made in my mom's honor
 Pop and Lolli showing off Jackson
 Autry and Jackson
 Me, Jackson and Mom
 My family, minus the son-in-laws!
 My mom is so ready for her hair to grow back, but I think she looks pretty cute sporting a baseball cap!
My mom had this little shirt made for Jackson to wear! So glad she had this little guy to make her smile during these past few months! When she was diagnosed, she told the doctor she would do anything she needed to do, as long as, she was at the hospital when her grandson was born! 

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