Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Letter

Dear Jackson Henry -

As I've cuddled you and rocked you the past few days, I realize just how fast you're growing up. The past 4 1/2 months have flown by and although I'm glad our long nights of colic induced screams are over, I'm not sure how I feel about buying 12 month pj's for your chubby little self.

There are so many moments and memories that I never want to forget; like the way you suck one finger or the sound you make after you sneeze. And you sneeze a lot and it's never just once or twice - try five or six times.

I love coming in your room each morning to find you on your tummy doing your "airplane" and being greeted by your amazing smile.

I don't even mind getting showered with your morning cereal when you decide to blow bubbles and make a big mess.

Each time I rock you and stare into your eyes, I swear your eyelashes have grown another inch. Your long, beautiful eyelashes are just a reminder that God cares about the details. And oh, baby boy, He cares about you so much.

I never want to forget the way you look wrapped in a big, fuzzy towel after a bath. Your hair wet, drops of water on those long eyelashes and your little rolls of sweet baby chub!

You're starting to look more like a little boy than a baby, especially in those 12 month pajamas. Be still my heart.

The way you pooch your bottom lip out and growl when you get upset...these are the little things I never want to forget.

Today as we were reading "God Found Us You" I couldn't hold back the tears. You are such an answer to prayer and God knew you would be the one to call me mommy.

And sweet boy...being your mommy is better than I could have ever dreamed!


Your Mommy

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  1. Now that's a tear jerker! Very sweet!