Monday, May 21, 2012

Confessions of a Baby Food Maker

Carrots made him gag and scream.
Peas were a bit more peaceful.
Green beans were tolerated better than carrots, but not as much as peas.

Maybe my homemade creations are too chunky. Maybe he takes after me and just hates most veggies. Although, I do like me some green beans. Whatever it is, it's only been 2 weeks and I'm ready to trade in the Baby Bullet and go get some Gerber to save the day!

Making the food isn't the hard part. It's actually pretty simple and doesn't take all that long. The part that stinks is the extra planning it takes to thaw the food out and make sure it's ready before my Little Man hits major meltdown mode because his stomach is rumbling like a freight train.

Seriously, he has a temper like no other. He gets so worked up that he's not savoring his veggies, but on the verge of choking to death . I'm starting to dread lunch and dinner! Life would be a lot easier if I could just pop open a jar of store-bought food.

Now, now...I know some of you are just appalled that I would feed that stuff in the jar to my baby boy. After all, it's packed with all kinds of gross stuff and super bad for his growing little self. But seriously, I ate it and I lived and millions of other children do too. And honestly...I didn't start making Jackson's food because it was better for him (I know, I may not get mom of the year). I only did it because it was going to save this stay-at-home mama some moo la!

Sigh. I'm thinking I can trade in a couple of Sonic Dr Pepper's each week for a little feeding time sanity. Wouldn't you if feeding time looked like this???


  1. I have zero experience in this area but I say....feed him Gerbers at least once in a while to give yourself a bit of a break, and pick up a Dr pepper for yourself while you're at it! This sounds really stressful! I hadn't thought about the planning needed to to thaw out the food on time. Sheesh. Take care if yourself too! You're doing a great job.

  2. I understand the hassle of making your own baby food! We do it, but I also find that I can throw in a purée or two into regular meals for us and get some extra veggies! If you do decide to keep making some of the food, just know the microwave is awesome for thawing. Just throw those cubes Ina glass bowl and let that baby do the job! That said, there is nothing wrong with commercial baby food. Do what will keep you sane!