Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Months!

Happy 5 Months Little Man! Mommy isn't sure how she feels about how fast time is flying by! You are growing up and doing new things every day! I love that I am home with you each day so I don't miss any of these milestones.

Special Things That Happened in Month 5!

  • You started checking out your feet and reaching for them.
  • You love to blow bubbles when you have cereal in your mouth. You mastered eating cereal. We can't shovel it in fast enough.
  • You actually decided you liked your pacifier and love to suck on it and play with it.
  • You had your first fever, double ear infection and snotty nose.
  • You pooped EVERYWHERE on our way to Pop and Lolli's and mom had to give you a bath with baby wipes in the Target bathroom. You were happy as can be during the poop fiasco.
  • You were dedicated at church!
  • You are laughing and smiling and squealing so much.
  • You sleep through the night and don't need a night time bottle any more.

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  1. oh my goodness, he is getting so much bigger!! what an absolute cutie!!!