Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Three Years Ago, One Year Ago

Happy 3rd anniversary to my wonderful husband! We have been so blessed the past 3 years and I continue to be amazed that God new John was the man I would need.

He has stood by my side through infertility and through the emotional roller coaster called adoption.
We are beyond excited to see what the next year holds - the arrival of Jackson, getting in the groove of being parents and hopefully seeing the faces of our Ethiopian children. Speaking of Ethiopia, today also marks 1 year that we officially started our Ethiopian Adoption process.

God has rocked our world this past year. Providing more than $22,000 so far for our adoption, giving us a heart for Africa and the orphan, bringing amazing friends into our lives who are also adopting. It's definitely a day to celebrate!

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  1. You guys look soooo happy in this picture! Happy anniversary!