Sunday, October 16, 2011

All We Need's A Baby....

The nursery is finished! Well, for the most part! We still have to get the dresser from my parents and hang one more thing on the wall. Here are photos of Jackson's room. I am super excited about how great it turned out! Thanks to my friend Marcia for her expertise.

 Here is a shot from the doorway of the nursery. The cradle will eventually go in our bedroom and the dresser will go where it is.
 I can't wait to rock and feed Jackson in this chair. I have dreamed about the day I would rock my babies and can't imagine the emotion I will feel the first night I am up rocking him.
 This book wall turned out better than I could have imagined. My mother-in-law bought the shelves for us and I made the ABC art. I love, love, love how it turned out. John is NOT a handy man AT ALL. Usually when we try and hang things we end up with a zillion holes in the wall and lopsided pictures. He hung these ALL by himself and they are level and have yet to fall off the wall. Go hubby!
 This toy box was mine when I was a little girl. Made by my grandfather (G-Dad). I am so glad Jackson will have something so special to put all of his toys in.
 Here's the crib, bedding and the wonderful verse that is so dear and near to my heart. My friend Liz painted the verse by hand. She did an amazing job!
 I bought these letters at Hobby Lobby and they are SO perfect!
 Pretty much everything on the shelf has sentimental meaning. The air force plaque was my Pop's, the small airplane was John's grandfathers, the baseball gloves and baseballs are John's and I added my Cardinal hats for a little extra pizazz....
 We also added Optimus Prime because every newborn little boy needs the Transformers to watch over him. At least John thinks so....
 This is the dresser my mom bought for the nursery. We will get it in a few weeks. The canvas below will hang above it and the globe will sit on the dresser. Thanks Pinterest for the neat art idea!

On Friday we received our copy of the Adoption Petition, which WAS filed with the court on October 12th. Another step closer to our little man....


  1. So excited for you Jennifer! Love the nursery.

  2. Absolutely adorable!!! My heart is bursting for you!!! =)