Saturday, October 1, 2011

Diapers, Wipes and Bottles Oh My!

We spent most of the day among baby bottles, burp clothes and diapers. Registering for a baby is overwhelming! We scanned a lot of things - hopefully they are the right things.
Registering when you're adopting is bittersweet. In the back of your mind you know that something could happen and the adoption could fall through. What would we do with all the gifts. Do you give them back or keep them for future babies? My friends have been encouraging me to have a shower before Jackson's birth - I am so thankful for them and their encouragement. They've told me that I need to have a shower. That I need to be prepared before we bring him home. That if I were pregnant I would be celebrating with a shower and should do the same to celebrate the birth of our little man. So we are stepping out in faith, believing that we will be home with our son in December and thanking our friends who want to give us a shower as we prepare for parenthood.
Registering when you're adopting is also comical. The lady helping us at one location kept looking at me funny. You could tell she was wondering where my baby bump was. She finally asked me if we were registering for our baby. I said yes. I explained that we were adopting and expecting our bundle of joy in December. She said "so it really is your baby." Yes, it really is!

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