Monday, July 4, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Sweet Inspiration stole the show and will be the name of my new baking business.
There's actually a really cool story behind this name. My friend Kim and I were having dinner before Bible Study last week and we were racking our brains for the perfect baking business name but were getting nowhere.
When I got home that night Kim sent me a text message that included this photo.

If you look really close you can see the words Sweet Inspiration. Kim had doodled these words on her Bible Study notes a few weeks before and had no idea why. She just knew this was what I should call my business.
So I added Sweet Inspiration to the list of finalists and it was by far the favorite among voters.
But the icing on the cake for me and what made me know it was the THE name was what Erica had to say about it.
She said that the name Sweet Inspiration will leave people wondering how I came up with the name. When they ask, it will open the door for me to share our adoption story since our adoption was the sweet inspiration for starting this baking business and the name is one I can continue to use long after our kiddos are home!
Thank you to everyone who gave me their ideas and voted for the perfect name!
Let the baking begin!!!! First order will be whatever sweet treat Kim wants since she's the winner!!

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  1. Cute, cute name! Good luck getting it all up and running!

  2. awesome name!!! I love this!! soooo......what are your rates and what do you do? gourmet, birthday parties, fancy decor, or fancy flavor? sorry! I can't wait to hear more and sample some "Sweet Inspirations" products!