Friday, July 1, 2011

A few "Sweet" Business Names to Choose From

I had several people send me their ideas for what I should name my baking business. I have narrowed it down to three of the suggestions that I received and want my bloggy friends to choose the one that you like best! Tell me which one is your favorite! The name with the most votes will win. The person who came up with the creative idea will receive a special prize - I can tell you that part of the prize will include some delicious homemade treats (I gotta let you sample what I'll be selling!). I will also throw another surprise or two in the prize winning jackpot!
Okay....drum roll please....the choices are:

Baby Cakes
"Our sweet journey to Ethiopia"


R.E.D. Velvet Bliss
"Reaching Ethiopia Deliciously"


Sweet Inspiration
(a few friends thought I should name the business something that doesn't relate to our adoption since I will continue to bake long after I bring our kiddos home....)

Post your vote in the comment section below by the end of the day Sunday. I will announce the winning name on Monday as well as the winner of the finger lickin' good contest! 


  1. I think Baby Cakes is so sweet. :) You're gonna rock the baking business!

  2. Sweet Inspiration if you are going to make more than just cupcakes/cakes....otherwise Baby Cakes. Both are super cute!

  3. Sweet Inspiration - it leaves one guessing on how you came up with the name which allows for explanation but not too obvious allowing for your continued business after the babes are home.

  4. Erica - LOVE the thought behind your reason! The Sweet Inspiration has a pretty cool story behind it that I will share later on the blog.

    Molly - Yes, I have shipped my sweet treats before. :-) Can you send me your e-mail address so that I have a way to contact you if you're the big winner??

  5. Sure! I'm at Glad to hear you ship!

  6. love Sweet Inspiration!!

    but they are all terrific!

  7. I vote for sweet inspirations!:)