Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Tweet....

Part of my job is to keep up with our social media sites (twitter, facebook, etc.). I don't personally tweet, so twitter is a whole new ballgame for me. Yesterday I tweeted that we needed school supplies for the kiddos that live at the Mission and my tweet ended up on the digital billboards across OKC. How cool is that?

We had a bunch of people retweet my tweet and pass the information along on Facebook. We have had several media outlets pick up the story. I was on Fox 25 News this week and my Texas twang was SO thick. I looked liked a big ol' dork! Oh well...anything for the kids!

If you live in the OKC area and would like to donate school supplies to the Mission, here is the list of items that we need: $25 gift cards to Wal-Mart, child scissors, glue sticks, rulers and protractors, thesaurus, pocket folders with brads, markers, No. 2 pencils, pencil boxes, highlighters, blue and black pens, spiral notebooks, dictionaries, Elmer’s glue, backpacks, three ring binders, colored pencils, wide ruled notebook paper, red pens, pencil sharpeners, Kleenex.

If you want to donate, contact me at I can tell you where to drop the items off or I can come pick them up from you!

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