Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Lesson From Joseph...

I do want to blog about what God whispered to my heart after Bible study the other night, but first I just have to tell you about my moment at church this morning. I'm standing there worshiping with John and the Habuda's and I just stopped for a moment and soaked up how blessed I am. To look down the row and see hands in the air praising God. To be worshiping with friends who share our heart for Ethiopia, the orphan and adoption. To meet a new couple this morning at church and to have a pastor who has an amazing heart for the Lord. Todd totally rocked bringing the Word this morning. It has been such a wonderful weekend full of Thunder basketball, the Fort Worth Rodeo, family, friends and worshiping God. I am so thankful for those moments when the blessings just surround me and I just stand amazed at all that God has done and is doing.

Okay....I wrote this blog in my journal the other day because our computer wasn't working. As I was driving home from Bible study on Tuesday night it dawned on me that if I had just gotten pregnant when I had wanted to, I would still be the same person. God wouldn't have had the opportunity to change me the way He has through this adoption process. I am thankful for this journey; I can honestly say I wouldn't change anything about the road He's leading us on to become parents.

My eyes have been opened to the world around me. God has given me a heart for Ethiopia , adoption and the orphan. My infertility has a purpose far beyond what I can see or comprehend. It hasn't always been fun and I haven't always understood God's plan, but there is a purpose.

It reminds me of a verse I read this week in Bible Study. Joseph finally admits to his brothers (who sold him into slavery) who he really is - they have not seen him in years.
In Genesis 45:5,8 Joseph says:

"And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry at yourselves for selling me here because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of then, it was not you who sent me here, but God."

God had a huge eternal purpose for Joseph being sold into slavery. He has a huge eternal purpose for our adoption. I may not learn all of His reasons this side of heaven, but I can think of a few:

We are saving the life of ONE. Giving them love, hope, a future, a family. We can't solve the whole orphan crisis alone, but we can save one orphan.

We may be the only way this child (or children) ever hear about Jesus.

We might be the example for others to open their hearts; stop looking at color and love the way that God has commanded us to love. Maybe others will step out of their comfort zone the way God called us to do.

The story of our Missing Linck and God's amazing glory could turn a hardened heart to the Savior they desperately need.

God uses the ordinary, the obedient, the unlikely to fulfill His purposes. He used Joseph's slavery. He can use me and an Ethiopian babe.

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  1. God is so good. Not only is He providing us with a family, but with amazing friends too! He is going to and will continue to use your journey to minister to so many. "The Lord's purpose prevails!" Prov. 19:20