Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's Get This Paperwork Done....

John and I had our phone orientation with Gladney last night! We have submitted our request and payment for the next application and have already started working on our immigration paperwork. This weekend we will mail all of our paperwork to Kate, who will be putting together our Dossier for us.

It’s so exciting to think that with each form we fill out and submit, we are getting closer and closer to bringing our baby home. Our goal is to get all this paperwork done so that we can get on that wait list.

Judy, the lady from Gladney who did our phone orientation, said that she could tell we were excited about this adoption and that we were going to get the paper work done quickly. John said “Yea, we kind of wanted to bring home our baby last week.”

Judy said sometimes people drag out the paperwork process and it takes them months to complete it. Others get it done in just a few short weeks. John and I will be the ones who get it done in a few short weeks. That is our goal. We will do all that we can to keep this process moving. I know that a lot of it is out of our control, but getting all the paperwork together and turning it in is something we do have control of.

Putting paperwork aside, I ordered something for our baby yesterday! I told John that I wanted to get a Christmas stocking to hang up this year for our “Missing Linck." I thought it would be a great reminder to pray for our child and a reminder that maybe; just maybe it will be our last Christmas as a family of two.

The other day I found some cute Christmas ornaments at Kohls for the baby – they're a giraffe and elephant. As I was searching for stockings I came across this….

It matches the ornaments perfectly!!!! Our baby now has a stocking! It will be hanging right between mine and John's this Christmas. It will remind us that the day we become a family will be the best gift we could ever receive.


  1. Wow, you have all your dossier paperwork done and just ordered your application!! Amazing!! We've been working to get our paperwork done for a month...finally got the last notarized today. Good for you!

  2. No, we don't have all of our dossier paperwork done. :( Just some initial stuff to send to the lady who will be preparing our dossier.... :)
    But the good thing is she can prepare our dossier while we work on the application paperwork. Hopefully that means we can get things done quicker.

  3. Oh...haha...I was thinking "they've got to give me some tips!". We are using Kate too!

  4. That's great! Stay on top of everyone that "owes" you some kind of form and it will get done really fast! Worst is dealing with health insurance places...
    Let me know if I can help you at all!
    I just sent off for my notary, so hopefully by the time you get to that stage I can be your notary!!

  5. Kathleen -
    That would be WONDERFUL if you could be my notary! Did you know how long it takes to get it back?

  6. We prepared our dossier ourselves. Is there some benefit to someone else doing it? Not sure I have heard of someone else doing it for you before. What exactly is it that they do to prepare it if you are sending them all the paperwork? Just curious, we still may adopt again at some point.

  7. Krista -
    They will gather most of the documents for you and get them all authiticicated, etc. Just takes a lot of pressure off John and I since we both work full-time. They will also make sure that all the documents are accurate and there are no problems before they are sent. We have heard many families recommend using Kate from KBS Dossier. We decided we would since we have never done this before. Looking through all the paperwork last night, I am glad we are using her :)

  8. Hey, thanks for that, who knew? Well obviously you did :) It was an interesting process getting all of the levels of signatures on the documents, course that was back in OH and if we do it again, it will be in OK. I dread to think of all the differences we may encounter.