Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Do You Put Into Words.....

Today I’ve been writing a statement that will be included in our dossier. It pretty much sums up why we want to adopt from Ethiopia and what we can offer a child. Talk about a tad bit overwhelming.

I have typed and deleted. Typed and deleted.

How do you put into words the vast amount of love you feel for a baby that you have never met? How do you find the right words to express that God has been the One to lead us to adopt from Ethiopia?

The other day I came across this excerpt from a blog…I think this is exactly how I will feel the first time we lay eyes on our child or children. I don’t think I could have ever found better words to describe our decision to adopt from Ethiopia. This journey really isn’t about us….It’s God fulfilling His plan.


"Why adopt from Ethiopia?" was one question that I could never really answer in a way that truly relays our reason. I would try to answer with, "it was a country that we meet the age classifications for" or” we were so moved by friends who have adopted from Ethiopia". And sometimes I would just reply, "It just felt right".
Now while all of these answers are true, it is not the reason. We now have the answer. One that we got on June 16, 2010. His name is Tate E. Plumb.
The moment we saw him, we instantly knew that God had lead us to this little boy. His face felt like home. I have never been more convinced in my life of God's plan for us. He perfectly orchestrated bringing a family together through a little boy in Ethiopia and a couple in Oklahoma.
We didn't choose Ethiopia. God knew that our son was there. Ethiopia chose us. I am just so thankful that we listened.”

To read more about this families journey visit their blog.

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