Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here's Your Chance to Help....

****UPDATE - This family still needs our help! Please consider making a donation to their adoption fund. Every $1 makes a difference. Will you help???

There is a sweet girl in Africa with HIV - she has a family. A mere $2300 is needed to bring her home. Many of my "adoption family" facebook friends are posting the link to the families blog on their facebook pages and personal blogs. If every one of my facebook friends donated $5 they would be covered. Will you consider helping?
This family is already adopting two boys from Africa, but they saw this precious little girl and fell in love with her. They only need $2300 to bring her home BUT they have to have it by the end of this week to accept the referral. I know that God can provide for this family! He gives homes to the fatherless! He cares for orphans!
Your donation could mean this little girl LIVES! That for the first time in her life, she will be loved and have a family.
I made a donation, will you???

Please visit the families blog at

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