Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Away!

I spent my first weekend away from Jackson and soaked up every minute of SLEEP! I went to a scrapbook retreat with my friend Kim and enjoyed the gorgeous weather, beautiful view from our cabin, hours of scrap booking and hours of uninterrupted sleep in a fluffy king sized bed! Pure bliss!
Here's a few photos from my weekend....

Most of the time I stay in the cabin with a bunch of other girls and we stay up until the wee hours of the morning. This year my hubby splurged and got me a hotel room and I didn't argue! I slept in the middle of this big, fluffy king sized bed and slept the longest and best that I have since we brought Jackson home!

My friend Kim and I - don't judge our makeup less faces. :-) We totally bum out on our scrapbook weekends!

A few of the pages I made this weekend - I spent the whole weekend working on Jackson's album

My work space. This is actually pretty clean. I am by no means a neat scrapbooker...

The view from our cabin. It's gorgeous and peaceful and we usually see deer

Of course I was very ready to see my baby boy!!! How could I not miss this sweet face...

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