Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy GOTCHA Day!

Today was a BIG day for our family! We had our court date to finalize our adoption and celebrated Jackson's official GOTCHA Day!
I was a nervous wreck. I'm not sure why. From the moment Jackson entered this world, he has been mine. I didn't need a judge to tell me that. I had weird dreams all night about the court date. I dreamt my dad had food catered in and we all went through a buffet line before going before the judge. Weird!
Since we don't have family in town, our great friends Justin and Jessica went to court with us.
Justin was the first person to know about Jackson - before he was ever Jackson. Justin worked with me at the Mission and knew from day one that we were going to adopt the baby...he and Jessica have supported us throughout our journey and love the Little Burrito so much (nickname from Justin!).
We were allowed to take photos during the hearing and I am SO glad. I am kind of a photo freak.
It was short, sweet and so fast that I didn't even have a chance to cry. On the way to the court house I was trying to keep it together. I thought tears would come at any moment. But I did tear up as I rocked my baby boy before his nap today.
Today is such a day of celebration. A day to remember God's faithfulness and all that He has done for our family. Jackson's story truly is a miracle and I am just so in love with my Little Man!
Here are a few photos from our day....

 Justin, Jessica and the Little Burrito
 Let's make this thing official!
 John, Jackson and I with Judge Bonner
Please disregard my shirt hiked up and my pregnant look in this photo. How embarrasing. Might need to do some cropping! :)
 With our attorney
 So thankful for great friends who love Jackson so much!
 Jackson's special day! Happy Gotcha Day!
Can't you tell he is excited about it! 

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