Monday, January 9, 2012

When Pop and Lolli Visit

Several things happened when Pop and Lolli (my mom and dad) came to visit this past weekend.

1. Jackson got spoiled!
2. I got a full night's sleep!
3. They bought us formula and nursery water - seriously...huge blessing!

I love watching my parent's with Jackson. I love that they decided to spend their anniversary (Jan. 6) with their grandson - and John and I too! They love him so much! Here's a few photos I captured from our weekend together. I should have taken more, but we were pretty busy and I was pretty sleep deprived!

 As soon as they got to our house they wanted to take over - they held him, fed him, rocked him, stayed up while he fussed and we slept. It wasn't long after this photo that Jackson decided to spray my dad with spit up - I mean all down the front of him. It might be the worst spit up episode he has had. My dad didn't seem to mind. He said it was nothing compared to the way I used to spit up.
 Two big milestones occurred while my parents were here...Jackson started taking all of his naps in his crib! We are still working to achieve that goal at night - however - his tummy still hurts and he still has to be held, or bounced or something to calm him down. But at least during the day he is napping in his crib and not his swing or bouncy seat. Jackson also played with his activity mat for the first time. My parents seem really into it too from the photo!
 Have I mentioned that Story LOVES Jackson and is always right beside him or guarding him? Just this morning she was laying in front of the crib while he took his morning nap! I can't wait to see these two together when Jackson gets old enough to chase Story around....
 Lolli and Jackson!
Pop and Jackson
Jackson had to wear this onesie that my mom got him. His Lolli (and Pop) love moose and all things wildlife! So we made sure he wore this outfit for them!

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