Friday, January 27, 2012

Destined to be Buddies...

Kathleen and I met in October of 2010. I stumbled across her adoption blog, realized she lived in Oklahoma too and we met for lunch soon after. The rest is history. Since that time we have prayed fervently for one another and our adoption journeys and for our babies-to-be. We spent lots of time talking about how amazing the day would be when we both had our kiddos and were having play dates. Today those dreams became a reality as Jackson Henry met Lyla Rose for the first time.
They are destined to be great friends. They were born one month and 2 days apart. It's just amazing how God blessed us both with sweet babies in the span of a few short weeks. What an amazing story we are going to be able to tell these kids as they get older. Here are a few photos from today!

 Jackson Henry, meet Lyla Rose
 Jackson is HUGE compared to Lyla. He was never as tiny as she is. I could carry her around all day - Jackson, not so much!
 This photo is a reflection of God's amazing work! Lots of answered prayers. Living out what we've dreamed for so long. Being mommy's together! Let the many play dates begin!
 Both these sweeties were blessed with hair! :)
Well, hello, cute things! 


  1. Love this! We are so blessed! And I am blessed with your friendship!!

  2. Look at you two with YOUR BABIES!!! Love it!! Lyla is a teensy little girl! What an adorable pair!