Monday, April 25, 2011

Wait List Here We Come....

We got our CIS Approval Letter in the mail today! Praise God!!!
I went out to the mailbox kind of early because it's been raining and our mailbox tends to leak. I didn't want a bunch of soggy mail. As I opened the mailbox our approval letter was sitting right on top of the stack. I rushed inside and ripped it open and my heart sank when I saw a pink piece of paper because I thought it meant something was wrong and we hadn't been approved. I read the letter and called my friend Kathleen to make sure that we were approved. The pink paper was just a reminder that our approval is only good for one year. Whew! As I was looking at the letter I noticed the date that we were officially approved - April 20th! My sister's birthday! We became agency approved on my birthday and CIS approved on my sister's. God is so good! Now I just have to get this letter notarized and mailed off and we will be just days away from being on the Wait List!


  1. That is AWESOME news!!!! Congratulations! And, so, so weird--we were also approved on my sister's birthday! I think this bodes well for both of us. Celebrate!

  2. That's SO exciting!!! So very close to the wait list!

  3. You're so close! Congrats to you guys. It'll be nice to just sit back for a while and not worry about paperwork!