Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still Waiting....

Each day as I’m driving home from work, I start to get excited at the thought of our CIS approval letter sitting in my mailbox. I pull into the garage, throw the car into park, swing open the door and rush to the mailbox. Then I see that it’s empty or just full of bills and junk mail and my "hope balloon" quickly busts.

I drag myself inside and throw the pile of unwanted mail on the table and sulk a bit. Even the Easter cards that have been tucked between the bills don’t excite me like they normally would. I am waiting on one, single letter – it is the only thing keeping us from getting on the Wait List.

This is the first time throughout our adoption journey (so far) that my patience seems to be wearing thin. I think it’s because this one letter is what’s keeping us from sending in our Dossier. Not to mention, it’s completely out of my control (like most things in the adoption world).

I have prayed and prayed, but Satan still whispers lies like “what if the letter got lost” and I struggle to not let anxiety build in my heart over a piece of paper. Good golly it’s just a piece of paper – but it is SO important! It’s the last piece of the puzzle so that we can move forward in our adoption process.

Please, please Mrs. Postwoman bring my letter soon….


  1. Oh, man, I think the most upset and disheartened I have felt so far during our process was during the final week of waiting on that darned letter. It is just so tough--and it is so very important!! Hang in there! Sending positive postwoman thoughts your way! (Also, have you called yet? They are really helpful and can give you an update--might be worth checking out--I think the # is on the back of the appointment letter).

  2. Oh my...I might be calling if it's not in my mailbox today! Thanks for the heads up....maybe that will give me a bit of peace :)Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Hoping it comes really, really soon! I mean, today is GOOD FRIDAY. Maybe it'll be good for receiving the letter!