Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hurry Mr. Postman....

Ever since I was a little girl, decked out in my leotard and twirling my baton in the front yard, I have LOVED to check the mail. It was (and still is if I'm being honest) one of the best parts of my day. I'm sure when I was a little girl it was because I was waiting on a letter from my Pen Pal Carlye. These days the mail consists mostly of bills and junk, but it's always fun to find a brightly colored envelope tucked between the electric and water bill.
I also LOVE to send people mail. I could spend hours reading and picking out the perfect cards to send to friends and family. My bank account would probably be a little more padded if I didn't spend so much money on stamps.
These past few days, I have become antsy as I wait on our CIS approval letter. I run (okay maybe not run, but walk quickly) to the mailbox each day after work to see if the letter is mixed in with the usual bills and credit card offers. I kind of act like a kid because I get mad if John checks the mail and doesn't leave it in the box until I get home.
So far the ONE piece of paper we are waiting on has yet to appear in our mailbox. It's the only thing we need so that we can mail in our dossier. We are SO close to being on the Wait List. Please hurry Mr. Postman (or Mrs. Postwoman in our case)!
I am already biting at the bit to get home so that I can skip to the mailbox and see if there is a nice surprise waiting for me.


  1. Ack--the wait for the postman--we got ours just a few weeks ago so I remember the mail-wait each day! Hang in there!!

  2. It's coming! SOON!!!
    And I see you are using Instagram!!!! Start following me... my username is kathleenellis

  3. By the way, is that your postbox? I love it! Ours is in a big bank of them, no personality at all :-)

  4. Kathleen - yes I started using Instagram and I think I am going to be addicted. I followed you!
    Molly - yes, that's our mailbox...everyone in our neighborhood has the same one.

  5. I cried when I got our FDL in the mail!! Haha!

  6. Doesn't Instagram make every picture look prettier?

    I'll mailbox stalk with you because once you get your letter ours is soon to follow! Woo hoo! We're all getting so close to that wait list!