Wednesday, March 9, 2011

URGENT: Pray for Ethiopia and the Children....

Joint Council has started an emergency campaign for Ethiopia. Please consider signing the petition below. Ethiopia is considering decreasing adoptions by 90%. There are so many children who need families and John and I know from the depths of our hearts that our babie(s) are waiting for us in Ethiopia.
You can sign the petition here.
PLEASE be praying for the Ethiopian government and for the precious children waiting for a family. Ethiopia is looking at cutting their international adoptions by 90%! They'll be deciding in the next few days. This is a desperate situation for the thousands of children who are waiting for a family and heartbreaking news for all of us who are aching to bring our children home. Even though this situation is scary, I have complete peace knowing that God is sovereign and in control. None of this surprises Him. Please pray that the Ethiopian government will make the right and best decisions for the kiddos.

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