Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Beginning to Feel So Real....

Today was a big day for John and I. We went to the local Department of Homeland Security and had our biometric fingerprints taken. It was the last thing we needed to do so that our Dossier can be completed and sent to Washington D.C. Once our Dossier is sent to Washington, we will be put on the wait list.
I woke up this morning with giddy anticipation. Each time I close my eyes I picture Ethiopian babes in our family but for some reason this morning it all started to feel so much more real.
Of course we still have a long wait ahead of us, but we have hit a major milestone in this adoption journey. We are a few short weeks away from being put on the official wait list. We also found out some amazing news from our adoption agency today that could mean we won’t be waiting as long for a referral as we thought.
I sat in the fingerprint office and just thanked God for His sovereignty. His hand has been in every detail of our adoption and the news we received from our agency today was a HUGE answer to many weeks of prayer.
I seriously feel like I could shout from the rooftops I am so happy! Here are a few photos from our visit to Homeland Security (we got a lot of crazy stares but I’m used to that!)


  1. this is sooooo exciting!! I'm stoked for you guys!!!

  2. Congratulations! So, so, so excited for you! Praying for you nonstop!