Friday, July 30, 2010

A Few Bumps in the Road, but Our God is Faithful!!

I'm emotionally drained. Yesterday and today have been HARD! I had to go to the doctor to have a pregnancy test done (when in reality I can't be pregnant because of a health issue) and they had to poke me numerous times (did I mention I hate needles??) because they couldn't get any blood (finally got it out of my wrist). What an emotional appointment. That nurse probably thought I was crazy crying all those tears about a little ol' needle. If she only knew that the emotions were the result of so much more than my fear of needles.
Anyway...I survived the blood work drama and treated myself to a Classic 50's Dr Pepper :)
But later in the day, John and I discovered that we have hit a financial bump in the adoption road. This is going to result in us having to postpone sending in our adoption application until we do some more fundraising. After praying and talking over the details with John, we feel like we need to raise about $10,000 before we can proceed - I am not going to pretend that I am not heartbroken. I am crushed. I was really looking forward to mailing off our application on Monday and getting this process started. I'll admit that I let myself have a bit of a pity party last night - I think I was grieving about my health problems, that dumb pregnancy test, not being able to turn in our application on Monday and overwhelmed at how we were going to come up with $10,000. Thank goodness today was a new day. Between God's faithfulness and my husband's optimism and dedication to bring our child home, I am ready to face this fundraising head-on. John and I know that God is calling us to adopt from Ethiopia and we are ready to do whatever it takes to bring our baby home. We feel like the responsible thing for us to do is to have enough money to cover the bulk of the initial costs in the adoption process (pretty much everything except for travel expenses). That way we are ready for the fees as they become due and we won't have to hold up the process once we get started because we lack the money. Tonight John said that he can't even fathom the emotions that he will experience when we lay eyes on our child for the first time, because, you see, we are already in LOVE with this child (and we don't even know him or her). But our God does! He knows every detail about him or her, long before they are ever formed in their mother's womb ( I am totally choking back tears as I type this!). We are so giddy with anticipation! Oh what a GLORIOUS day it will be when we bring our baby home. John said he would take a cargo plane to Ethiopia if he has to!
So here we go.....we are ready for the journey. We have come up with a lot of great fundraising ideas and I will reveal our first fundraiser on the blog later this weekend!
"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you!"
John 14:18


  1. God created every emotion there is. He loves being there to hold us as we feel these. Continue crying out to Him and listening to His sweet direction. He is faithful and we are human. So proud of you.

  2. Jennifer, Have you applied to Shohannah's hope yet?

  3. Marlo -
    We plan to apply, but we can't apply until our homestudy is complete. We need to raise a bit more money before we can get started with the process. Just to cover the initial costs. Then we plan to apply for some grants. I think we may also sell T-Shirts that Shohannah's hope offers for fundraisers :)