Thursday, July 15, 2010

God's Call Part II

I was sitting in a Mexican food restaurant with my small group when I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me towards adoption for the first time.
And honestly, it's all kind of a blur because after sensing what God was asking me to do, I zoned out, completely lost in my own thoughts and excitement.
Our small group was discussing the recent earthquake in Haiti and how so many children were without families. The topic of adoption came up and my entire body was suddenly covered in chill bumps and it took all I had not to start crying. I had a sudden flood of emotion overcome me. I knew God was stirring in my heart - He was definitely up to something.
As we ate dinner our small group was already brainstorming how John and I could bring a baby home and simultaneously planning a baby shower.
In the car after dinner, John said " You know me, I would get on a plane to Haiti right now and bring home a baby."
I immediately knew I needed to pray; seeking God and what His plan was for John and I regarding adopting a child.
I started researching Haitian adoptions and discovered that not only were adoptions on hold in Haiti because of the earthquake, but John and I didn't even qualify to adopt from the country.
So where did this leave us??
I was still feeling God's nudge and I remember telling John that I felt like God was saying "I have an awesome journey planned for you. Are you going to step out in faith and obedience and follow me? If you do, you're in for the ride of a lifetime."
Excitement was bubbling inside of me - I was ready to put all my fears aside, not worry about all the details and follow where God was leading.
I told John that I did not want to miss what God had in store for us.
About a week after having dinner with our small group, John and I received a phone call that only God could have orchestrated.
We were informed that if we felt like God was calling us to adopt, there would be help to fund our adoption! I was in complete shock! (and tears!) I had to hand the phone to John because I couldn't even tell him the amazing news.
God knew that financing an adoption was the one hurdle that would have kept John and I from giving a baby a future, a home, a family and unconditional love. Oh how He is so faithful!!!
I remember saying "God, this is something that happens to other people - but to John and I? Really?"
I knew in that moment that God was about to start a work in our lives that was about far more than bringing a baby home. ( I could write a whole blog on this, so I will save it for another post!)
That night, after receiving that life-changing phone call, I wrote these words in my journal.
"What an amazing testimony of God's power, love and faithfulness. That He knows every detail and need of His children, WOW! I think John and I better hold on tight - we are in for the ride of our lives."

"God can do anything, you know - far more than we could ever imagine or guess or request in our wildest dreams!" ~Ephesians 3:20

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  1. Sounds great Jennifer! Blessings in your journey.