Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adoption on the Rise among Christian Families...

I was listening to KLOVE this morning and they had a story about how adoption is on the rise among Christian families...thought I would share the link to the story.

Now to change the subject, I just have to share the letter I received from my sweet friend Autry this weekend ( she is eight, and likes to send me letters in the mail). I won't try to paraphrase it, because it will take away all the here is what she wrote, word for word.

"I heard you were going to adopt a kid. So we, as in we, I mint myka, you, me and the baby could go shoping. So what do you say? Love Autry."

Reading that just made my heart SO happy! But it gets better. She included a list of possible baby column for boy names and one column for girls names. At the top of each list she put "Autry Jr." I will SO have to include this letter in the adoption scrapbook I make.

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