Saturday, July 14, 2012

7 Months!!!!

Happy 7 Month Birthday Little Man! You are getting so big and doing so many new things every day! I can't believe 7 months have already flown bring so much joy to my heart! I love you!! I think I better start planning that 1st Birthday Party! It will be here in the blink of an eye!

This Month You....

  • You began to smile and giggle when we played peek-a-boo
  • You had your first taste of homemade ice cream and sucker
  • You went to the lake and took your first boat ride with Missy and Dude
  • You tried juice (but it makes your stomach hurt!)
  • You can sit up like a big boy, although you prefer to be on your tummy so you can scoot around and roll wherever you want to go.
  • You babble and chatter A LOT! You said Ma, Ma, Ma, Ma, for the first time! Melt my heart! Although I know you don't know what it means yet.
  • You love to go swimming with Harmonee
  • You like to play in your exasaucer and discover all the new toys
  • You stayed with Justin and Jessica so mommy and daddy could go see a movie.
  • Your 1st Fourth of July!
  • You got a Big Boy car seat
  • You love playing with and feeling the water from the spray nozzle in the bathtub
  • You can stand up with help from mommy and daddy
  • You love to listen to your Pete the Cat books on the iPad
  • You learned how to turn your music on and off on the toy in your crib

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