Friday, July 27, 2012

New Blog...

Hi Bloggy Friends:

One thing I learned at SheSpeaks last weekend was that I needed to switch my blog over to WordPress and get a tad bit more professional as I begin working towards getting my book published.

So, that being said I am now blogging here. I have made the switch, although my blog doesn't look pretty yet! I was getting so caught up in not having the new blog designed when God whispered to my heart, "Launch the new site. It's about the writing, not about what it looks like."

So you can now follow me at

I will be blogging about faith, family, adoption, and orphan care. It will also be the place to get updates on my book and the publishing process. Oh yea, and it will be where John and I share the details of our next adoption - when the time comes!

 I will be leaving this blog up a while longer, but it will eventually be deleted. So please join me on this new adventure over at my new site.

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