Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sweet Memories!

Today was my last day of work! I have loved every moment of my time at City Rescue Mission. God brought me here for a reason and He's taught me so much through the people that crossed my path each day! I will miss morning devotion, the clients, the staff. I may not be working at the Mission anymore, but it will always be a part of me - it's where I found my baby boy!
Here are a few photos from the past year.....such sweet memories. Such amazing friendships! I might have, okay I did, cry all the way home today!

 Sweet Girls! Some of the first kiddos I met when I started working at the Mission. This is a photo we took before they moved....
 Joe! He always knew I had candy and he always told me thank you! This might be the cutest face EVER!
 Heaven! Most mornings during devotion she could be found in my lap, with her head on my should and her thumb in her mouth.
 Amazing co-workers...we always had such a blast! Fondue day with Seth and Abby!
 Great friends! Justin and Abby! They were a big reason my job was so much fun!
 Levi! Those blue eyes and long eyelashes melt my heart. For weeks I brought a baggy full of cereal to this boy! You would think I had given him a million dollars! I will miss the way his face lit up each time he saw me and his great hugs!
 Thanksgiving Food Box Giveaway! 2500 boxes given to the near homeless. A very rewarding and awesome day on the job!
 This baby doll stole my heart from day one and I cried when I had to watch her and her brother leave the Mission.
 I had the privilege of mentoring this young lady during her time at the Mission. Me and Jessie!
 This is the only 3-year-old that's ever flipped me off, but oh how I loved him!
Look at that face!
 During my first few months at the Mission these babies were either in my lap or on my hip! I wanted to take them home with me!
By far a highlight of my job - loving on these sweet things! On many occasions I had a kid in my lap and a crowd at my desk digging through the candy in my drawer.

 Heaven with her Operation Christmas Child boxes!

 Maya got to dress up in the hockey uniform! She used to hang out at my desk and draw me photos - one time she drew a picture of me and John. She even included my dog.
 It made my heart smile!
 Gina and Kaliegha
 A great developement team...
 Margo was the first client I met and we share a love for cupcakes!
 My blue-eyed buddy Levi
 Marta and I
Jill and I

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  1. I'm so glad you get to stay home with Jackson--and it also must have been hard to leave such a wonderful place! Those kiddos are too cute for words!