Friday, March 9, 2012

New Chapter, New Dreams

It's funny how in the midst of this crazy thing called mommyhood, (because I have so much extra time on my hands, you know!) God has placed some pretty big dreams on my heart.
I may be walking away from my job at the Mission, but God is beginning a new thing, a new season. I'm just trying to figure out how I'll accomplish these things between washing bottles and changing diapers!
Here's a glimpse at two of the crazy things dancing around inside my brain and heart. I sense God could have some exciting things in store.....

  • Finish my book about our adoption journey! I started it more than a year ago when I was working for a publishing company and it's my heart's desire to finish it. I thought I'd just be writing about a trip across the world to become a family - I had no idea I would get to include the amazing story God wrote for us through Jackson's adoption. There's two reason's why I want to write a book about our journey - One, I want our story written down for Jackson. Even though we will tell him about the amazing plan God had for him, there's something about reading it. I want to capture all the emotions and each step of the journey, through words, so that I never forget. Two, I want to share our story so that God will be glorified and others will see His faithfulness.

  • Go to Ethiopia! Yep, whether we adopt a child(ren) from Ethiopia or not, I have a huge desire to travel to the country that I have fallen in love with. It's been a desire of my heart for a while, but I just recently really began to pray about it. Just a few days after I began asking the Lord how I would ever get to Ethiopia, I saw an exciting Facebook post from my bloggy friend Erica. She's planning a girl's trip to Ethiopia this fall! Woo hoo! Holy Cow...I will be on that plane! I am so excited about the possibilities.

There's a few other areas that God is tugging on my heartstrings about, but I think these two areas are a pretty good start to this new chapter of my life!

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