Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3 Months!!!

Jackson is 3 months old today! WOW! During the long nights of colic, many people told us we just had to make it to 12 weeks...that everything seems to get so much better at 3 months of age! Boy were they all right. Jackson's tummy problems and acid reflux are under control and he is a happy, happy boy! He smiles and coos and brings so much joy to my heart! Here's a few of the major milestones this month:

  • He rolled over from his tummy to his back. He has this down and he is almost rolling over from his back to his tummy. Just needs to move his arm an inch...
  • He has a temper, temper! Whew! Especially when you take the bottle away!
  • We finally transitioned him to his crib. He slept in our arms or in his car seat for 2 1/2 months because the colic was so bad. Now he sleeps in his crib like a big boy!
  • He discovered his tongue and he really loves it! We even let him lick a Popsicle and his tongue was crazy, happy!
  • He started reaching for his toys on his play mat.
  • He likes to suck on his hands but could still care less about his paci, unless we hold it in his mouth. I guess it takes too much work for him to suck on it.
A few more photos from the last few weeks....

 Daddy and Jackson
 Facetime with Missy and Dude in St. Louis
 Sitting in his bumbo like a big boy...
 Yum, Yum! Don't worry, it's sugar free
 My little spider man is all smiles
 Daddy and Jackson at the park
Mommy and her Little Man

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